SIWOK is the Wichi Indian name for the red-crested woodpecker, found in the Chaco forest in Northern Argentina and prominent in the native mythology. It is the symbol of their fine craftsmanship. For centuries the Wichi Indians have lived in the scrub forest of Northern Argentina as hunter/gatherers. Now this way of life is threatened by the relentless advance of civilisation. The forest is being chopped down and many Indians thrown off their land. They have difficulty pursuing traditional methods of finding food. There are few jobs. Craft production is a means of raising some income and it develops their skills. It also enables working from home. All items are hand-crafted in local hard woods, beautifully finished and polished.
Siwok Crafts being traded

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Please note: Each item is unique as craft is handmade and there is a variation between each item. Dimensions are approximate.

The woods and material used are:


Palo Santo (holy wood)


Quebracho (axe breaker)






Cow bone